Eat Stop Eat Review

Eat Stop Eat Review

Eat Stop Eat Review

If you are frustrated with the weight loss programmes you find in the market today, don’t give up until you read Eat Stop Eat. There is so much information on how to lose weight that many fat loss enthusiasts are confused. The search for the most effective fat loss methodology has seen many people ending up as specimen for programmes that were half-cooked and experimental.

Intermittent Fasting

Have you wondered why people on weight loss plans are encouraged to continue eating as usual yet they are trying to lose weight? Think about it critically and you will realize that there is a fundamental problem in this approach. If the reason you are overweight if food, why do you need to continue eating normally? This is what Eat Stop Eat is all about. It teaches that you can achieve all your weight loss objectives by interchanging short periods of fasting and weight training.

Does Eat Stop Eat Work?

The Author

Brad Pilon, the author, is a trained nutritionist. He came up with this program after intense research for his undergraduate degree in nutrition. You can therefore trust him because he is teaching you what he has proved to be effective. Under normal circumstances, the average weight loss expert has no scientific backing for their ‘solution’. Many of them have no academic qualifications for the program they are selling you.

Brad Pilon’s program has been endorsed in over 300 peer reviewed publications. In essence, he is not playing around with your health. He is confident enough of subject his weight loss plan to scrutiny by experts in the area of nutrition. This is because it is built on scientific research.

The Ebook

To make Eat Stop Eat programme available to you, Pilon has written an eBook by the same title. This text has the following content:
  • The author begins by giving a historical background to the weight loss program. He traces his academic and professional journey and reveals that he got an honors degree in nutrition. Readers are able to understand the passion of the writer in weight loss, nutrition and metabolism issues.
  • The next section describes the idea of fasting which is at the core of this programme. He explains why any weight loss programme worth its salt must involve fasting. Pilon also takes time to bust some fasting myths considering that fasting and starvation have been used in negative ways by some weight loss trainers.
  • The eBook has a number of sections that show the relationship between fasting and other aspects of weight loss. Fasting and metabolism are discussed at length with the author emphasizing that the fasting involved in Eat Stop Eat does not interfere with metabolism at all. In fact, it is expected that metabolism will be boosted by this weight loss program.
  • There are other chapters that discuss the relationship between fasting and exercise, fasting and the brain, fasting and muscle brains, fasting and hunger, fasting and blood sugar levels and misconceptions about fasting. The author emphasizes in these sections the need to abstain from food at regular intervals, how this affects various aspects of weight loss and how it contributes to the overall fat loss endeavor.
  • Additionally the book discusses the benefits of fasting. The effects of fasting on insulin secretion, blood glucose, fat burning and glucagon levels are discussed among others. Here you will learn that fasting is the best way to lose fat. Pilon emphasizes that intermittent fasting is actually good for the body. These sections cover a great chunk of the book because unless one understands the centrality of sporadic fasting, one cannot lose weight in the right way.
  • Moreover, a couple of chapters follow the ones on fasting. Here the writer discusses how you will go about incorporating fasting into your diet for effective weight loss. The reader is informed in detail how to implement each aspect of diet and exercise in the endeavor to lose weight. You will also learn how you can develop your own cardio exercise regiment and remain with it until the end of the weight loss plan. The author concludes by answering some frequently asked questions about Eat Stop Eat.

Customers’ Testimonials

There are quite a number of people that have bought the eBook and implemented the programme all over the world. Most of these attest to fact that this plan that involves dieting for weight loss really works. There are men and women who are reporting that they got impressive results that other weight loss plans had never given them. There are medical practitioners who have tried the plan and have recommended it for their patients. One man says that one of the benefits he gained was being able to control what he eats. A woman who sent her photo to the Eat Stop Eat website says she does not have to worry about what she eats because she is now fully aware of what she needs to do to maintain her health.

Is Eat Stop Eat a Scam?

What You Stand To Gain From This Program

Eat Stop Eat programme teaches you how to fast for weight loss. Unlike other fat loss programmes, it teaches you how to lose only fats and not muscles. It is not an experimental plan but one that is acclaimed worldwide for its efficiency in fat loss. This solution will teach you how to lose weight permanently. The eBook will give you information that you can refer to anytime anywhere. It is a gem you will treasure for many years to come.

The Time Is Now

This is the best time to take hold of a holistic fat loss programme. The book is available right now. You can start losing weight the healthy way today. There is a lot of useful information that useful information that you can use and share with your loved ones in this book. It’s time to lose weight easily. It’s time to lose weight forever. It’s time to have a healthy and well-toned body. Get your copy of Eat Stop Eat today!